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Wow, this is the most rapidly growing thread on the forum - and by far the most spirited - or if you want insulting one. As much as I like Karma to succeed, it is impossible not to laugh at with how much passion it is defended based on.....what?

Plugitin used his only 4th post on this forum to bring the "you don't know WTF" to Fiskerbuzz - this is one statement that I sure did not miss in our conversations so far. While I appreciate his strong belief in Karma, I certainly do not sympathize with the tone - especially directed against somebody who spent much more time and effort researching this topic (that is Brian).

The fact remains that no matter how gorgeous the Karma looks like (and it surely does so), it still has to prove itself as a reliable car. None of us posting here have driven anything more than few miles in either the road show cars or the dealer demo's, so all the talk is based on hope and trust rather than on experience....

As I said before, I bailed out and got a car from a more reliable manufacturer for now. I really like the Karma, and if it proves itself, Fisker will get my business in the future.

Meanwhile, may I suggest that we maintain the polite tone in stating our opinions? Just my 0.02$.
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