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brian said:
Really? My $500 iPad has more technology than that car. Sorry, but putting a battery and electric motors on a car is no justification for the price. The quality of the car is fine, but no better than my Lexus at half the price. The performance is downright awful for a car in that price range - probably the slowest $100k+ car out there. There are *much* better cars from proven companies that you can buy for that. There may not be any better "looking" cars for that price, but that's only part of what makes a car a good car.

So many silly statements in this post. Putting a battery and electric motors into a car is no justification for the price? Why in the world is it not? You're paying for a car with essentially twice the powertrain equipment as a standard vehicle, and battery prices are huge at our current state of technology.

Th performance is not awful, straight-line acceleration is what you should expect for the weight of the vehicle. Handling and ride have been praised.
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