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Figured this was the more appropriate place for this. Stopped by the dealer today to say hi, talk about repairs, and find out about mats, namely whether they were ordered or if I needed to buy them. My salesperson just came back to work this week after surgery following a fall. Anyway, he searched and showed me a piece of paper.

Bottomline: There are now colors for the floor mats. As soon as he gets some in I will take pictures and post, but the piece of paper he wrote early had the names of the colors:

Black Sand

I can only assume by the color names that the mats were designed to match the interiors as follows:

Mat - Interior
Black Sand - Black Sand Monotone, Monsoon Tri-tone
Dune - Dune Monotone
Mojave - Mojave Tri-tone, Canyon Tri-tone
Earth - Earth Tri-Tone
Glacier - Glacier Tri-tone

I now state my disclaimer that this is opinion only and that I am not responsible for anyone ordering mats based on my beliefs and that they turn out to be wrong.
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