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Fisker's future plans

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Some new tidbits:
- Battery buyback program being contemplated
- Nina pushed to late 2013
- New gearbox (which we knew)
- 4 wheel drive Karma
- Frankfurt show will unveil an estate/SUV version of Karma (we're betting a shooting brake version)

No mention of a dedicated, bespoke range extender to replace the GM Ecotec. This should be a priority as it could potentially greatly enhance fuel economy, eliminate that terrible terrible engine noise, reduce emissions, lighten the car, etc.
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Regarding the new engine, I would think a smaller engine (such as the Lotus 3-cylinder engine) would have to rev higher to make the same amount of electricity. That may make the noise problem worse, not better. I am sure Fisker can figure out better ways to muffle the noise by the time the new engine goes into use.

-- Fab.
I wonder if a better solution might be like the new GE wind turbines that do not have transmissions, rather they have tons of windings that are electronically switched between series and parallel connections to produce the same voltage but at different amperage. This way the ICE could be operated at its entire power band instead of just one RPM.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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