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Fisker Working Toward Atlantic Production And Further Growth

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Fisker Working Toward Atlantic Production And Further Growth

Some quotes from Global Communications Director, Roger Ormisher in an interview Friday

Fisker is not merely targeting the Volt, however, and in fact has not explicitly talked about the Volt in conversation, unless asked – at which point it concedes it is on the radar. But beyond that, the exact blend of qualities this car is intended to have will be to attract sales away from internal combustion vehicles as well. The Atlantic's value proposition will therefore be balanced between a pretty face, quality interior and functionality, outstanding performance, fuel economy, emissions and all-electric range. The car is about 90-percent complete, and Ormisher said Fisker is gunning to hold its own in handling and speed performance against such vehicles as upper-range BMW 3-Series, lower-range 5-Series, Audi A5, Mercedes C-Class, not to mention also Japanese and American and other internal-combustion powered performance sedans.

The performance of the Cadillac ELR will be more of a comparision.
Teaser article:
GM Exec: Cadillac ELR To Debut January 14th, Will “Use Battery Differently” Than Volt
1 day ago by Jay Cole
And although the Volt and upcoming ELR will both use the same battery, the ELR will “use the battery differently.”
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While I am very much biased in favor of Fisker, I think the more EVs there are in the market that are comparable to, and competitive with, ICE powered cars, the more every EV maker benefits by getting the opportunity to sell into the broader base of car customers and not just car nerds like me and a few other posters on this site. To quote a certain Fisker official who was asked about Tesla recently, "we wish them limited success." :D
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