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Fisker Technician in Santa Monica

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Hello Fisker owners,

Just wanted to inform/remind everyone that Fisker of Santa Monica is still open for service on all Fisker vehicles with full tech support from the remaining Fisker team (employed by Fisker).
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Welcome to the forum that's some good news for owners out your way .Are your techs former Fisker employes .
Ive been working for Fisker Santa Monica as a certified Technician since the doors first opened in 2011. We never closed our service center and we are still in contact with Fisker tech support and parts. Most Fisker owners assumed we are closed but just wanted to remind everyone we are still here and still going!
Can we start bringing our Karmas back for service starting Sept 1 when the warranty program is put back in?
I think us the Dealerships still have some fine print to look into before we start that program . I understand thier is some questions the dealer principals have that hasn't been addressed yet .
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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