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Fisker stainless steel chrome grille

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I have found a source for one, (1) stainless steel, fully chromed grille for the Fisker Karma. It is very similar to a Jaguar "Weave."

I purchased one of two and there is one left. The shipping is included but there is tax. The company is "Car tunes Atlanta." It will require a custom install.

use this # (678) 345-4662

Prce is $847.93 shipped with tax

*Possible examples I found on the net:

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Wow why over priced plus you have to take apart the Fisker grills and use the Fisker frames for those inserts . For that price it should include everything needed . You might be able to save some money and do the work yourself. Hate to sound like a party pooper
Yes and it is a ton of work to make the frames work (and look clean). I spent countless hours making the last set (and promised myself 'never again')

It was a bit finicky to install but I like the look.

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Do it cheaper as I am and I'll be doing a large open order on here but for Allllll of the openings front and back! Plus a custom led dogfight with chrome surround just like the main grill!
It looks very great but i think it’s too expensive.
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