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Hi Fellow Fisker Dealers and Repair Shops,

Ever since the Lormax debacle I thought it may be a good idea, especially for those Karma owners who do not have a warranty and may seek repairs by a private or authorized Fisker shop....

Please join this experiment and enter your shop, or your favorite shop, in his directory. We will be able to rate them and write reviews.

There is still some data for testing which will be deleted once we have enough entries to avoid any errors.

Also if you think this is a bad idea, I can always take it down.

Let me know what you think.
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P.S. I think it will be OK to Enter your favorite Fisker Shop on their behalf.
I'm thinking about buying a Karma, so this site came in handy for me...
I lost the site a number of years ago when I switched servers, perhaps I will resurrect it one day. Meanwhile, this forum is supper helpful, and the members are super nice. Just make sure you buy one with a high vin number, and get it checked to make sure all the upgrades were done, especially the battery. The first thousand or so had soft splines in the drivetrain, that could be very expensive to fix. You will love the car.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts