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Fisker plexiglass replacement inserts (Just like MY14)

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Teaser pic (without garnish). Details to follow!


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Does this replace the whole middle or just the glass? Either way I want.
Smooth are you taking pre-orders? :)
What would something like that go for?? About 400 bucks I'm guessing??

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Good looking piece. Nice craftsmanship.
Is it leather to match the surrounding interior - color and all? And ditto on price!?
@Lormax Took some work... MY 2012 Original->3D-Scanner->Catia->Prototype-Clay->3D Scanner->Catia->Prototype RM (which is pictured above).

This was all modeled off a picture SCG had in his album (click on his name and look at his album to get a better idea of what it will look like when completed or click here).

If this works out there may be a few other variants available (supersized cup-holders etc) or my favorite a completely open L shaped console (save for the window switches and gear selector). This will allow for custom configurable removable cup-holders etc. If enough people like the added space, we may do something for the rear as well. As it stands now though this is exactly the way MY14 Karma's front console configuration would have/will look.

We should have completed units next week sometime. Pricing will be around ~$400-$450 (good guess NJFISKERGUY!) depending on what portions of garnish can be re-used off the existing console.

@Roberta'sKarma This is a direct bolt in/under replacement so basically the console will have to be taken out, your existing cup-holder/plexiglass sub assembly will be replaced with this assembly. All the mounting screws/points will be the same as the current console. The shift-gear and window switches will also be re-used off the existing console. You will lose that rubber parking ticket holder thing (not sure if anyone uses it?). Any interior shop or the support personnel on this forum should be able to install it with relative ease.
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Smooth when are they going on the market??
This model help clarify the mounting points for center section removal for DIYers . Just the middle portion is to be removed with the existing top garnish being re-used.


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Too bad the cup holders can't be enlarged at the same time to make them more use-able.
Sounds familiar

Lormax and NJFisker guy, This feels vaguely familiar;)
Lormax and NJFisker guy, This feels vaguely familiar;)
Yes you already removed it to try a retro on it. Although it was assembled together really good, as when you tried the removal of plexiglass window.
The whole plexiglass comes as one piece so it must be replaced with a custom piece. It is possible to modify it but you will need to use a glass cutter to make indentations on both sides of the plexiglass and then snap off the window portion.
A few of the rough prototypes being test fit.


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Cost in CF???....looks great!
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