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Hey folks I was made aware that I hadn't been responding much. Please understand I am just overwhelmed with business (not complaining) just be patient. I'm not one to hire a bunch of help for obvious reasons with these cars and my level of expectations for final product it is extremely hard to find the right fit. However my new protégé Giulian has been moving along well and gaining knowledge quickly. However it takes years to learn what I know about these cars. So I just ask for some patience. I typically will ALWAYS answer texts and emails within the day. If I missed you please poke me again. I refuse to lower my standards for quality of workmanship so sometimes it just backs up. And these cars are testing patience more as they get older too.
In the meantime, for your viewing pleasure here is a pic I posted on another thread to show just how busy I can get. This is just the white sand section lol...
My contact info for anyone trying to reach me
Thanks for your message
I have a fisker karma since recently
ecopsort 2012 110000 km
I have a fisker karma since a short time ago and it is not charging anymore (the charger shows me everything in green) and the fuel tank is full, the car shows me that it is empty, even though I can drive with this indication. I also lose some data (seat memorization) from one start to the other
should we think that these anomalies of indication are all explained by a system defect or the problems are multiple?
Do I need a device to re-flash the ICU? If so, please tell me how to proceed,
thank you very much
my email: [email protected]
NB I'm french so let me know if it's clear enough
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