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Last week car came back having been updated and other goodies.
However didn't show fuel level and this /am all windows open.
I sent Joe an email though Sunday. He responded almost before I finished. He told me had to many things in pocket and something in pocket hit he fob and opened all windows. He was correct had put license plate renewal on and had knife, Fisker Fob and Expedition fob and they were in contact as I kneeled down than would get up a few times.
Next since having car home put gas in it twice and no change in gas gauge. Well many months ago I secured gas door opener with zip tie because it became dislodged and hate that gas light on dash.
Prior to fix had no issue with gas but never would hit gas door opener. He advised me now that car was working properly even though Zip tie in place if I drove it a bit and hit gas door opener before shutting off car and filled tank it would show proper fuel amount. It only needed 0.5 Gallons and yes immediately showed had full fuel tank.
All this bothering of Joe was today and he responded immediately. This is what I call service especially since we are hundreds of miles apart and he is closest CPS that responds this way.
This is my two cents of why I have found the person to rely on to keep car going and to be the one to assist me when I decide on a new one or a Destino conversion on one I can find that is not running with other issues;
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