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My wife took her car in for service last week and she saw her first Karma was for-sale on their website as "NEW". This car was bought back by the dealer because of so many problems. The car left us stranded a few times, was very unreliable and very buggy even after updates that were supposed to fix our problems.

It has miles and we owned it for over a month, so it’s no longer new in my opinion. I'm not sure why they are offering it as a new vehicle. It has been at the dealership for over a year.

VIN: YH4K14AA0CA000654

Just a warning to anyone looking to buy a car, this one would need a thorough vetting before purchasing. I was told a long time ago they were trying to get Fisker to buy it back, but that obviously didn't happen.

On a positive note, they have a car that might be of interest because the VIN is so high. YH4K14AAXCA002623

I cannot recommend buying from this dealer(Classic of Atlanta).

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