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Fisker Ocean One

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Reading about the early Ocean edition (the "One"), which is a 5000 car production run, I thought I'd see if I was eligible...

Since I was a November 2019 reservation, I thought I might be on for a chance. However, when I checked, the website gave me a nice big orange screen telling me I was NOT eligible. A surprise since I was certainly in the first 1000 registrants.

I'm not terribly disappointed, but it does look like other factors come into play for being granted this early access...

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I have the option to pre order, but i'm going to take a pass to give others a chance. I bought the Karma with a nonrefundable down payment and while i like my karma allot, had i waited i could have gotten for half the price.- so this time around, i'll wait ...
I did receive my invitation a couple of days later. Like you, I'm not going to buy an Ocean One. The value proposition is not that compelling. I don't care about getting a numbered vehicle, and am otherwise willing to wait until I actually need another smaller SUV. Now, if this had been the eMotion, it would be a different story...
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$5,000 deposit, and zero guarantee that the vegan leather is verified Dolphin Safe. I'll pass.
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