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Here's a snippet from a LEAF owner over on

The Nav system needs a total rethink. After 5K miles in our Leaf, the Nav is a pretty moving picture for my 4 year old to enjoy. It all starts with the goofy license agreement each time you start the car. The car KNOWS who I am by the key in my pocket. It even weighs me while I'm in the driver's seat to know how much power to use when the airbag deploys. It seems between these two bits of data, Nissan should be able to write software to allow me to agree that they are watching me. If the layers can't live with THAT idea, how about a splash screen as the car boots with the data transfer message and an opt-out button, releasing to the regular screens when the boot process is done.

The NAV system gets worse, when many of the settings go away when the car is in motion. To modify a route, I have to stop the car. Even if I have a passenger who might do it. Even if the car KNOWS there is a passenger in the front seat (airbag sensor), and EVEN if that passenger has the OTHER key. Oh, and WHY is the charging station list in the car so crappy? This is the ONE thing the Leaf Nav should really be good at: finding me some electrons to get me home. Come on Nissan. Let me USE the frigg'n car I bought. You make it hard, so I just fire up Google Map on my Android and let my kid enjoy the moving picture on the Nav system screen.

Either rewrite the Nav (which would make me happy) or put Dora the Explorer icons in it (which would make my kid happy). thread is here: comments on Nissan LEAF issues
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