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Fisker Karma in the Netherlands

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From June 21 - July 8, a Fisker Karma is on display at Kroymans Fisker (Fisker Nederland) in Hilversum.

We have a few members in the Netherlands - are you going to see the car at Kroymans?

The car on display is painted Silver Wind with a Black Sand interior -- I believe it is the same car that was at the grand opening of Fisker Santa Monica, in California.

I found several photos of the car at Kroymans:

This article says there are currently 4 Karma prototypes. So far, we have seen the Lagoon Blue concept car and two Silver Wind cars. What color is the 4th?

The link above also has an MP3 audio interview in Dutch of the manager of Fisker Kroymans. I do not speak Dutch - can any Dutch-speaking members translate the important bits? :D

Photos from

Official websites of Fisker Nederland / Kroymans Fisker:
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Car is a plug in hybrid. 2 electric motors drive the rear axle. First 100 to be build this year, for testing purposes. First deliveries in feb. 2011. About 80km electric ride, when battery is <30% 2 litre, turbocharged engine kicks in.

Comment: 2 wheel drive???
Kroymans, the importer for Fisker in The Netherlands, has said to that already 100 Karma's have been ordered so far. Of these, I know, about 12 are reservations made directly with Fisker in 2008 and 2009 (from the list of 1400 which everyone talks about). The rest were ordered at Kroymans, despite the hefty reservation fee of € 9500 (about $ 12.500).

Kroymans also said that the first production Karma will arrive early december, so press and customer test drives should be possible then.
Very good information to know - thanks for posting Good Karma.
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