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SoCalGuy said:
Click on the link below for the 20 minute video and tons of pics!
Jay Leno must be a fan since this was a very nice and positive piece. The story about how they first met was pretty funny, as was the awkward and embarrassed look on Henrik's face when Leno was telling the story.

Couple of observations:

1) @16:58 and @17:18 Henrik seemed to be having some problems with the control system response time and he had to touch the same icon two or three times before it responded, so I guess he now knows about the problem.

2) Henrik was very quick to point out which components were made in the US, including the motor, the battery, and the inverters. By contrast, he failed to mention that the electric motors were made in China, but did mention that Fisker had designed them. I guess he is learning from his experience with politics.

3) Around 16-17 minutes, during the panning shots of the center console, we see that he was using an older iPod with an RF transmitter rather than just plugging the iPod in directly to the USB connector. That does not say much about his confidence in the Audio system's ability to interface to an iPod.

4) I thought he said that there were only two trim levels. Aren't there three levels, Standard, Sport, and Chic?

5) @14:28 Did LA really lose electrical power for an entire week? When did that happen?

Overall though, it was a nice piece. I would not be surprised to see Leno tooling around in a Karma at some point in the future.

-- Fab.

[Edited to add approximate time references from the video. ]
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