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The Auto mode is complete crap right now, and Fisker has confirmed that it's a known problem that they're working on. There are several primary issues in Auto mode:

1. When you turn the car on it blasts cold air at you during the 10-15 seconds that it takes for the car to boot up and figure out that you didn't want it to be 30º in the car.

2. The thermostat isn't working properly, so to get it to be 72º in the car you usually have to set it to 66º.

3. When the car cools to your set temperature (or 8º above it) instead of turning down or off, it switches to heater mode and starts blowing hot air.

As for it blowing air even when it's off, that's fairly normal. All cars do that, but in the Karma it's a bit stronger. It does it when the thing is set to outside air mode. If you press the recycle air button it'll cut off that draft.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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