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Are you sure your climate control is off? That is the top right of the four 'buttons' around the circle. If the lower right 'button' is on you will get air into the cabin, depending on the speed setting of the fan. If you don't want any air coming out you have to':

- Select OFF (that top right button)
- Or put the fan on '0'
- Or manually close the vents

Why the air is sometimes hot or cold is not clear to me. I've noticed that there can be a lot of change with just a small change in the temperature indicator. When I choose MAX, which is necessary at -10 Celcius, then I get warm air (barely enough though, it's clearly a Californian and not a Finnish car). But when I turn it just a bit down to 29 or 28 it immediately gets a lot colder, a lot!

I guess warming up (or cooling) an electric car simply isn't as easy to do in a controlled manner as it is in an ICE-car. It uses the heat of the battery cooling system and there isn't always enough of that. I notice that when I put it in Sport Mode it can also use the heat from the ICE and then it's already much easier.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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