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Fisker Karma at Monaco GP

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A black Fisker Karma made an appearance this weekend in Monaco, at the Formula One Grand Prix. Henrik Fisker and Prince Albert of Monaco did a lap in this black car (second picture only), which was presented as the first European car to have been produced. Full press release after these pictures. I hope a video will soon pop up somewhere.

29 May, 2011 10:16 CET

• Head of State, HSH Prince Albert of Monaco joined company co-founder Henrik Fisker to drive Karma around Monaco Grand Prix circuit
• Newest addition to Fisker’s global retailer network located behind the ‘pit straight’

Monaco, 28/05/2011: Visitors to the world’s most prestigious motorsport event, the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix, were among the first to see the first Fisker Karma off the production line put through its paces as it made its European driving debut on the famous street circuit.

On Saturday 28 May 2011, before official race qualifying began, the first European production version of the Fisker Karma, the world’s first true Electric Vehicle with extended range, took to the streets of Monaco, completing a couple of laps.

The vehicle was piloted by Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco. His Serene Highness was joined during this momentous occasion by company co-founder, CEO and executive design director, Henrik Fisker. This event marked the first dynamic, public showing of the Karma in Europe.

Fisker commented: “The Fisker Karma project has a distinct Monaco link. Prince Albert was one of the people who inspired me to create the Fisker Karma. When I met him at the Top Marques Show in Monaco in 2006 he commented that he would love to see a fuel-efficient luxury car, and from that small seed grew the concept of what became Fisker Automotive and our focus on premium EVer cars that deliver pure driving passion.

“We want to thank both the principality of Monaco and Prince Albert for not only being the inspiration, but also a great support for our groundbreaking automotive green initiative,” continued Fisker.

Designed to reflect Henrik’s paradigm of Responsible Luxury™, the Fisker Karma is the first American-designed and engineered luxury vehicle specifically developed to appeal to world markets. It is the only luxury sedan in the world that meets future fuel consumption and emission requirements, making it suitable for any international city.

The Karma was also on static display during the race weekend, both at the chicane exiting the tunnel, turns 10 and 11, otherwise known as the Nouvelle Chicane, and thereafter in Cavallari – Monaco Motors, Fisker’s newest dealership, located on 6- 11 rue Princesse Florestine, MC 98000.

The only true Electric Vehicle with extended range, the Fisker Karma drives its rear wheels using two rear-mounted 201.5 horsepower (150 kW) electric traction motors that draw energy from the lithium-ion battery pack for up to 50 miles (80 km). The gasoline engine drives a 175 kW electric generator to power the motors; there is no mechanical link between this engine and the drive motors.

Uniquely, the Fisker Karma can run in one of two drive modes: Stealth and Sport. Stealth Mode maximizes efficiency, giving the car its greatest range on battery power before activating the gasoline engine-driven generator to sustain battery charge. In Stealth Mode, the Karma can accelerate from zero to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 7.9 seconds and achieve a top speed of 95 mph (153 km/h). With Sport Mode engaged, the gasoline engine drives the generator to provide enough electricity for 403 total system horsepower, allowing the Karma to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 5.9 seconds and achieve a top speed of 125 mph (201 km/h).

In all aspects of performance, the Fisker Karma is designed to be a true driver’s car. Its proprietary, advanced aluminum space frame incorporates new levels of rigidity and strength that give the Karma world-class ride and handling characteristics. Fisker Automotive’s engineering team designed the Karma’s space frame around the car’s unique powertrain, filing for multiple patents in the process.

Benefitting from a four-wheel independent SLA (double-wishbone) suspension, also employing aluminum components, the Karma has been specifically tuned to run on standard 22-inch aluminum wheels, a first for a production car.

Production of the Fisker Karma recently started at Valmet Automotive’s Uusikaupunki facility in Finland with Fisker aiming to achieve full build rate by the second half of 2011. It is Fisker’s plan to deliver vehicles to all current deposit holders during the 2011 model year.
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Thanks for sharing, Dutch. I have now posted the press release on the main site:
Hey, looks like they are finally putting some good stuff on their Fisker Facebook page.
I'm surprised that there isn't any video of this on YouTube yet.

Finally a video, shame it is not moving but parked at a dealer :(

starts at 1:03
The Karma in that video makes those Ferraris and Maserati look like dinky toys, thanks to its 22 inch wheels and much longer wheel base. I always adored the Maserati 3200 GT, but last time time I saw one on the street and I couldn't help noticing how far the front wheel is placed backward (how short the wheel base is). I realised at that moment that by looking at pictures and videos of the Fisker Karma for years, the way I look at other sportscars has changed and has even been distorted. They suddenly look so small, sometimes even out of proportion with their bigger frontal overhang and shorter wheel base.
Are we starting to see more Fisker Karma's around?

From Sweden
And one showed up last month in Merano, Italy. I wonder if these cars are fresh off the assembly line or still the pre-production models we have already seen before:
Finally a movie from Monaco where the car is moving..
Jeroen, with me the link doesn't work. I think this one does :blush:
yes, thanks, that is the one...

Paste from youtube on iPad so it took the mobile site url..

(remove the 'm.' before and the '/#')...
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