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While Henrik Fisker gives a shoutout to Apple about designing the next Apple Car, there are not talks between Fisker and Apple at this time.
Fisker was watching the new season of Tehran on Apple TV+ this weekend. During the first episode, a Fisker Karma appears. Henrik couldn’t help himself, which many will think he is fueling speculation between a Fisker + Apple partnership. Henrik posted to various social media accounts, “What a surprise to see the Fisker Karma on #appletv show #Tehran2 – Apple Great taste in cars! If you are looking for someone to design your new car, give us a shout!”

Apple’s award winning series Tehran is in its second season, starring Niv Sultan, Shaun Toub and Glenn Close. The new season dropped on May 6 on Apple TV+. The trailer for the show uses lots of exotic sports cars. Its no wonder the Fisker Karma made an appearance. The show description reads: A hacker-agent must plan an operation that will place everyone dear to her in jeopardy.

There are no Apple talks at this time
During the Q1 2022 earnings call last week, Apple was brought up in the Q&A session. Fisker was asked this exact question about any relationship with Apple, “What can you say regarding all the speculation of a Fisker and Apple partnership?” We’ve provided a transcript of Fisker’s response below which is clear as day. There are currently no talks between Fisker and Apple. However, it’s nice to see the Fisker CEO has a sense a humor and can poke fun at the situation.

Henrik Fisker’s response:
"Well, I think, people are reading too much into this one. As I mentioned before, the inspiration for naming our second vehicle PEAR was a bit of a joke, kind of playing on our partnership with Foxconn. We do call it a Personal Electric Automotive Revolution, and they kind of fits really well with that name.

But I will say, the PEAR will be such a unique and disruptive vehicle that we believe, and I believe, is it can be to the automotive industry, what the Apple iPhone was to the cellphone industry, really revolutionary. And I think, I don't know if you can say you can't compare Apples to PEARs, but I definitely think a PEAR is going to be such a unique, amazing vehicles, but there is absolutely no deal or talks with Apple, the company at this point in time."
Honestly, I didn't even feel it was a commercial. I like the show so much that I am so focused while watching it that I don't hear or see anything. Moreover, I've seen several articles promoting the Tehran Season 3, and I can't wait for the new season. Of course, rumors and speculation have reached me that it may be banned and the series will not continue. But I still hope it remains just rumor and speculation, because it's my favorite show, and I'm hoping for many seasons.
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