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I bought my Fisker in Florida planning take it to Andorra.
I hope soon Fisker will complete the necessary steps for those cars to meet the emissions tests in Europe.
Hello and welcome. I have actually been to Andorra with my family many years ago. You should have a lot of fun with the Karma on those twisty mountain roads.

As I recall, the Karma was fully compliant with European (TUV) standards when it came out in 2012. I am not sure if it still qualifies as a 2012 model-year car, or if it needs to be re-qualified.

Also, Fisker had a software update specifically for European customers that reduced the CO2 emissions below 50g/KM which, in some countries, significantly reduced the road taxes on the car. I am not sure if your car has that update, or if you can get it for your car.

Once again, welcome, and when you have a few moments, please post some photos of your new Karma with the beautiful Andorran scenery behind it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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