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I know that Fisker has quite a few dealers around the US, but I've never seen a map or list of them and I'm curious about where they all are. Does anyone know of a map showing the locations of all of the Fisker dealers?

Well, I was able to find a 2 year old list:

Barrett Holdings, Inc. Charles Barrett San Antonio, TX
Bergen Jaguar Dennis Squitieri Bergen County, NJ
Bergstrom Corporation John Bergstrom Wisconsin
Borton Automotive Kjell Bergh, Minnesota
Capitol Cadillac Company Daniel Jobe Maryland
Century Automotive Group George Jones Alabama
The Dorschel Automotive Group Richard Dorschel Rochester, NY
Elder Automotive Group Rob Elder Tampa Bay, FL
Fields Auto Group Dan Fields Illinois
Fields Auto Group Dan Fields Orlando, FL
Fields Auto Group Dan Fields British Columbia
Frank Kent Motor Company Corrie Churchill Fort Worth, TX
H.A. Ott Motor Cars LLC Chip Ott Philadelphia, PA
Jaguar of Great Neck Jack Weidinger Long Island, NY
M2 Motors, Inc. Bernardo Moreno Ohio
Manhattan Motor Cars Brian Miller Manhattan, NY
Marvin K. Brown Auto Center Dave Grundstrom San Diego, CA
O'Brien Auto Group Mike O'Brien Washington
Palm Beach Motor Cars Ltd. Robert Simpson Palm Beach, FL
Patrick Dealer Group Martin Stilwell Illinois
Price Family Dealerships Tom Price San Jose, CA
Price Family Dealerships Tom Price San Francisco, CA
Price Family Dealerships Tom Price Sacramento, CA
Rickenbaugh Cadillac Volvo Mary Pacifico-Valley Denver, CO
Roger Beasley Highline Group David Stein Austin, TX
Ron Tonkin Family of Dealerships Ron Tonkin Oregon
Serra Automotive Joe Serra State of Michigan
Serra Automotive Joe Serra Pasadena, CA
Shelly Automotive Group Damon Shelly Orange County, CA
Sullivan Luxury Cars LLC Mike Sullivan Beverly Hills & Santa Monica, CA
Ted Britt Auto Group Raymond Britt Northern Virginia
Warren Henry Automobiles Warren Zinn Miami, FL

I wonder how complete this is. I think they have more dealerships than this now. I'm surprised there are 3 in Texas yet nothing in Houston. Yet there is one here in Austin and another just 90 miles away in San Antonio.


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Well, I'm glad to see 5 dealerships here in Texas! That was why I never bought a Tesla because they have 0 and unless they change their ways they never will. In Texas auto manufacturers cannot own their own dealerships - it's an anti monopoly thing kinda like how the government broke up the old Hollywood studio system back in the day. Studios can no longer own their own theaters. But Tesla insists on owning their own stores, so they can never have a presence in Texas which I believe is the 2nd largest auto market in the US. They can't survive with out that market. Go Fisker!


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I just went to and was surprised to see a change in the web site. Not much, but it showed me a dealer list on the home page. Nice to finally see where everyone is!

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