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Fisker Bosal Rev 3 Muffler Fix *Solved* Rattle GONE!

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After Opening up the Center Muffler.

Several factory welds had been broken.

We TIG Welded them and closed it back up.

This is 304 Stainless Steel - it needs to be repaired by a TIG welder. No MIG or Arc welding.

Rattle all gone after repair and reinstall.

So quite now. Amazing! I put up with my rattle for 5 years. Not sure why now - it was a easy fix.

Note - A muffler shop is not a place to find a stainless TIG welder. Unless they do full custom stainless exhaust systems. Try to find a local welding shop that is familiar with Stainless Steel welding procedures. Don't let them convince you MIG or Stick arc welding will work.

They need to fuse (TIG) the SS back together or the MIG or Arc Stick welds will re break overtime.

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Thanks for posting this Tigga! First time I’ve seen someone shoot a picture of the inside of the resonator.

We do resonator TIG welding repair at our shop. Feel free to contact us at if we can help.
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