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I visited Fisker today in Irvine and had a great time learning about the company and one of their key members. The main lobby hosts a beautiful Karma, which I was told was the first display model. While I didn't explore the office too much, I am happy to answer a few questions if you guys have any. Here's a picture I took of the exterior:


- Alex
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Thanks for sharing!

Do you know if the Karma on display was the same Silver Wind car present at the launch of Fisker Santa Monica? We were invited to the launch event and took some photos:

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I believe it was the same one... although in their building the car had a face license plate that said KARMA. I suppose it's easy enough to put on some plates for the road. I could be wrong, but it looks to be the same.
Probably was the same car recently shown at the Chicago Auto Show too.

I can't wait to see the Karma in more colors - specifically Inferno and Earth.

Anyone here skilled at changing car colors in Photoshop?
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