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The team at Fisker Automotive is busy preparing the Karma plug-in hybrid its German debut at the sprawling Frankfurt Motor Show September 15. This is an important show for the company as Europe promises to make up half of all Fisker sales. Though a four-door luxury car, the Karma will have fewer harmful emissions and better fuel economy than the cleanest, most efficient cars on the road today.

The Fisker Karma will emit just 83g CO2/km and have an economy rating of 3.5L/100km, according to SAE methodology measuring emissions for plug-in hybrids. Making its German debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week, the four-door Karma will be one of the cleanest, most fuel-efficient cars in the world, but will still offer world-class style and performance. Calculations developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) estimate carbon dioxide output will be less than that of today's cleanest production cars and 75 percent less than that of competing vehicles, on average. SAE is an internationally recognized organization of experts that help drive government automotive policy. Some 941 million liters (248 million gallons) of gasoline could be saved and 2.3 million metric tons (2.5 million US tons) of CO2 offset from sales of 15,000 Karmas per year through 2016. Still, with 403hp and more torque than many supercars, 0-100km/h (62mph) takes about six seconds and maximum speed is 201km/h (125mph).
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