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It's possible the original poster removed them as well.

In this day and age it is expected and required that Fisker would have an official Facebook presence. Fisker's facebook wall is a marketing asset of Fisker, and they absolutley should be policing and moderating it.

Since Facebook is an open forum anyone can post anything on their wall relevant or not, and Fisker is correct to limit those items to posts that are relevant to Fisker and apply to a broad audience. In the particular case of the posts you are referring to, it was an onwer who posted three or four times about trying to get assistance for her particular car. Facebook is obviously not intended to be a customer support forum, and Fisker would have been correct to remove those posts. I agree, I would expect Fisker also contacted her privately to address her issues.

To Fisker's credit, they don't overly-moderate their wall. If there's a post or a comment that is applicable to Fisker and meant for a broad audience, like an open question or feedback, Fisker will leave it up even if it's critical of the car or company. Moreover, Fisker does respond publicly to some of these as well. For example, yesterday someone posted "Fisker Switzerland needs to work on it's communication skills. No update, a lousy and poor printed invitation for the Geneva Motor show, no call back, nothing!" to which Fisker replied, thanking them for alerting them to the issue. The post and reply are still on the Fisker wall.

It would be naive to think that any public figure, company or brand doesn't carefully manage the content of their facebook wall. It is a very public space, and especially for polarizing or passionate topics such as Fisker, prone to lots of random, malicious or pointless posts. Plus they have to work hard to keep everyone's Farmville, Slingo, Words-with-Friends and Margaritaville Online posts at bay :)
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