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First Karma with aftermarket wheels, at SEMA 2010

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Somehow this slipped past me until now.

At SEMA this year (last month), CEC featured a Karma with aftermarket wheels. I believe this is the first Karma ever displayed with aftermarket wheels.

The CEC c881, a clean and light alloy 5-spoke design was shown in 22" on the passenger side of the Fisker Karma and is new for 2011.

The driver's side is fitted with a 10-spoke CEC wheel design.

Claus Ettensberger with Henrik Fisker:

Claus Ettensberger, Jim Lee, Sandy Blanchard, Paul Rohovsky, Henrik Fisker and Sherif Yassa:

Karma at 2:14 in this clip:

Collection of hi-res photos here:

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The fivespoke looks good, but the tenspoke wheel isn't very harmonious.

Would love to see more futuristic wheel design on such a groundbraking car..
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