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Fast charger not working but slow charger will

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I have a Schneider fast charger that only works on my Jeep 4xe. On my Karma, it clicks and than about 10 seconds after it clicks off. My slow charger works fine though. Is this maybe some sort of fast charging failure issue?? Thoughts on a fix? :(.

So about a month later my 110 charger no longer charges fully, only charges it to 4 miles. I realize I have a Revero now, and it seems nobody wishes to assist me anymore because of this, but please know that the Revero is pretty much identical to my past Fisker Karmas.

New: Karma of Orlando has diagnosed my issue as a bad number 15 cell, and apparently they do not work on batteries so they are saying I need a new battery, as they always say, so if anyone can suggest a place that can do this repair, I'm sure it's identical or very similar to the Fisker 15 cell.
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