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Expert answers?

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I have used the AMG website quite a bit. One of the sections on that site is specifically for posting technical questions for AMG staff/engineers to answer.

It seems to me that given the new tech nature of our cars, this could be a very helpful addition to this site. I think it could provide valuable info for both Fisker and Fisker owners.

Perhaps our webmaster could approach David Harris about this?
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If Fisker Automotive is inclined, I could easily add such a section for all of us.
It would be nice to have the thread but my guess is that AMG engineers have a lot more spare time on their hands than Fisker engineers do at the moment. Maybe after they figure out how to make the Nav system work and make sure Brian can open his car door when he wants to exit his car, the Fisker engineers could take some time out to answer questions.

-- Fab.
I just sent an email to David Harris asking if he would be willing to help us out with this.
karma1 said:
I just sent an email to David Harris asking if he would be willing to help us out with this.
Per a conversation I had with David Harris a while ago, they are planning on adding a number of Owner-only resources to the official Fisker Automotive website, which could conceivably include content, downloads and discussions for registered owners. I expect that Fisker would ultimately only 'officially' endorse/support a platform they can control the quality and content of. FiskerBuzz is the de facto owner's forum, but I doubt it would become the official one.

As was mentioned though, Fisker has bigger fish to fry right now, and I'd prefer they keep their resources focused on delivering quality vehicles for now :)
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