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RE: Everyone just needs to see the Karma stabalized (software etc) and Funding worked out

I have to say that my communication with Fisker Corporate Customer Service has been excellent. I get immediate call backs and if not immediate then my dealer makes sure they are immediate. I have been given a number by the dealer to reach Fisker directly and it has been faultless.
As far as Henrik's call to us, I have asked about the delay. They very apologetic and said that Henrik is out of the country on a promotional tour and will be making the promised phone calls upon return ( I didn't ask when).
As you know 6.14 was released today and they gave me a run down of what it is to fix. Amongst other things, it will take care of presets, BT quality, lagging fan response, mirror folding etc. My dealer is flat bedding me tomorrow from my office with loaner delivered to the office- I can't complain. This is the service I expected from the company projecting the image Fisker is projecting
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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