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There are 14 different colors and five wheel options to choose from when purchasing a Fisker Ocean electric SUV. We want to make it easy for you to visualize which paint colors and wheel options are available to you.

In the past, we’ve written about all the different Fisker Ocean electric SUV color options, cost, and availability. In that article we provided color swatches. It left a lot up to your imagination as to what each color would look like on the Fisker Ocean. As a result, we wanted to dive a bit deeper into Fisker Ocean color options while introducing each of the wheel options.

Using the Fisker Ocean configurator, we spent the time compiling and editing every available color and wheel option that will be available at launch. That way you can see your favorite Fisker Ocean color option with each available wheel option. It makes it way easier to visualize what color options are available seeing them side-by-side. The bonus is seeing them together with each Fisker Ocean wheel option.

We hope this makes it a lot easier to pre-order your Fisker Ocean when your reservation number is called. Now, if you haven’t already decided which Fisker Ocean trim is right for you, we also have you covered. Each Fisker Ocean trim, including Extreme, Ultra, and Sport, has something unique to offer in terms of price, range, and performance to fit your needs. And if you don’t know which interior color to choose from, go with Black Abyss as it will stay cleaner. Now on to the color and wheel options...Read More.
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