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Edmunds has a review up

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I wonder if they were reviewing a pre-production, Muffler 2.0 version, based on one of the "cons":

Plug-in hybrid fuel economy; sharp handling; head-turning style; earth-friendly cabin materials.

Stiff ride; unrefined sound from gasoline generator engine; tiny trunk; only four seats.
They also committed a basic electric-car-efficiency error:
So using the full electric range (32 miles) plus one gallon of gas (20 miles) equals the 52 "mpg-e."
(No, you don't add those, that's just a coincidence....)

The review comes across as mostly-positive to me, though it has typical Edmunds caution. There's no "test drive" review, just the basics.
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I like how many journalists make that same mistake regarding the coincidence of the MPGe being the same as the sum of the charge sustaining MPG and the charge depleting range. Obviously shows me that there are journalists in the auto reporting field that no nothing about research, let alone autos. As a wise man or woman once said, "It is best to keep silent and let people think you are an idiot, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."
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