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Easy Curb Rash Cure

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I used a company called "Curbside Wheel Repair" that serves the Bay Area and other parts of Northern California. The reviews on Yelp were excellent and the price $100/wheel seemed reasonable, especially when you take into account the logistics of leaving your Karma at the dealer or a repair shop.

Kris came over to my house this morning and spent about 45 minutes on each wheel. (Actually, he was here for about 2 hours, but only because he kept asking about the Karma and taking photos. His clients include Jerry Rice and others with exotic cars, but this was his first Karma.)

Here are the before and after photos. The first set are the right front wheels and the second set are the left ones.

Wheel Vehicle Tire Automotive tire Automotive lighting

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Car Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Two lessons I've learned: Always back into a parallel parking space no matter how big it is and use the rear camera; and always straighten your front wheels when parked in a perpendicular space. Otherwise the front wheels (especially the left one) will be a huge hidden target for the driver pulling out next to you.
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Thanks Ira, great advice. I've already had all of my wheels done at least once and some twice. They seem to have an attraction to curbs!! :) I'm happy to see the prices coming down on this service.

Still driving my karma daily and loving every mile!
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