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Dutch said:
Hmm, I've encountered a few more glitches over the last two days. I wonder if anyone else had them:

- Complete darkness in the two dials that show speed, range, etc. (on one ride, it worked again when I drove off again an hour later).
- The PRND-button has been flashing: a short burst every few minutes (on two rides)
- For the last few days there has been a real loud screeking sound when I brake. On the first days it disappears after the brakes warmed up (it's almost freezing outside), but today it simply wouldn't go away. It's annoying, because everyone is looking at the car (if they weren't already) to hear where the racket is coming from. I'm trying to use Hill 2 as much as possible to avoid braking, but ofcourse that's not the ultimate solution. Has anybody experienced this problem? Or could there simply be something in between the brakes, like a small stone?

Still love the car, but it is testing how strong my love is. I know the glitches should go away with future software upgrades, but if the brake noise doesn't go away I will have to bring it to the dealer soon.
Are you running 6.13?
1 - 2 of 50 Posts
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