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I received some PM's asking about the Door Pull modification . If you missed out on having the door pulls replaced I put together a few pictures on how to modify the existing one . The door also known as the Emergency release .
# 1 Open the door and locate the access panel just below the grab handle inside of the door .Inside you will see the door pull if yours is black its the old style one white is the new style which needs no modification .

In this picture you see the end of the cable with a ball on it we need to use a tie wrap and secure that ball from falling out .

I'm using a white door pull since I don't have black ones

Now we need to insert the tie wrap into the opening of the door pull and have the end of the tie wrap positioned at the end of the ball Im using a red straw just as a reference .

Once the tie wrap is in place you need to cut the end off of the tie wrap and spin the end so it blocks the ball from slipping out .
This needs to be done on all four doors and the emergency truck release which is located behind the left rear seat back rest. The rear seat can be removed by lifting up on the seat bottom move that to the side . To release the seat back place your hand at the bottom of the rear seat and lift up not out left the seat off it's mount once off its mount you will see the release . To reinstall the seat back line the pack rest and push down on it so it catches the hooks then reinstall the seat bottom .
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