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Does Your Doggie Get to Ride in Your Karma?

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In a recent FB poll, 80% of you told us that your significant other doesn’t drive your Karma. What about your dog? I mean, does he/she get to ride with you in your Karma? Pal Joey definitely does.

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Too bad, that would make a great photo op!
My wife and I are at the Grand Canyon at the moment, and she spotted a new blanket for Joey at a store on the rim. It has the same Canyon Tri-tone colors as our Karma. So now she wants to know if the interior was inspired by Grand Canyon.

For that matter, does anyone know how the various interior names came about?
Heidi, our 1.5 year old Labrador, loves the Karma.
While she seems to hate our other cars (she turns her back on the car as soon as she understands, that it will come to a ride) she just jumps into the Karma to come with us.
Good girl!!!

I guess, she is afraid of the noises in the passenger floor room of the other cars, where the Karma is quiet.

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