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FiskerPhilly, thank you for the reply. I was curious, as I have recently replaced my 12v battery. Like many Karma owners, I'm now plagued with the weird non-operational D-R buttons and flashing ready light. I'm also seeing the HV battery indicator light, and the car refuses to charge. Lastly, when I attempt a hard reset, the rear driver-side door unlatches.

My plan was to disconnect under the hood; disconnect the 12v; disconnect the MSD, in hopes of resetting whatever possible sequence might've triggered this response from the car. I'm not clear as to whether disconnecting the cable under the hood was sufficient, or if I actually needed to unplug the 12v batter under the wheel well...

Thanks again, for replying.

just unplugging the 12V connector for 10 minutes should be enough.
have you disconnected anything else? The car is not going into ready mode, and the contactors are not closing
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