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I spent about 4 hours at the Detroit Auto Show yesterday. Here are some observations:

1. Most of the concept cars were electric and the implication was that this is where the future of automotive design is going. This may be obvious to most on this board, but it should serve as somewhat of a smack in the face to those gasoline advocates who are still claiming that "the earth is flat".

2. People love the idea and looks of electric cars. The largest crowds were surrounding electric cars, both concept and production cars.

3. American car design has come a long ways in the past couple of years. Cadillac really stood out in terms of design.

4. The design of the Tesla S is okay but pales in comparison to the Karma. Nonetheless, people were very enagaged and asking a lot of questions.

5. Highlights for me where the BMW i8 concept, VW e-Bugster concept, Audi R8 Roadster, Cadillac CTS, and Mini Roadster.

6. I didn't look at any Asian cars so I cant comment on them.

7. Where was Fisker, Land Rover, and Jaguar? Conspicuous by their absence.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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