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svp6 said:
SoCalGuy said:
I'd be surprised if the production i8 ends up looking like the concept. As has generally been the case with concept cars, they rarely have any resemblance to their production descendants. Take the Volt concept and production car. Even the Model S design was dumbed down from concept to Beta.
The production car looks like a much cheaper Chinese-knockoff version.
But this is BMW (i8) rather than GM (Volt), and i8 is probably to be a high-end performance car in the 100k+ range rather than a 40k car with mediocre performance..... The i8 was spotted int winter driving testing, it makes not much sense to extensively test a car far from the production version. I think the Audi Etron and BMW i8 will be close to the concept versions, but in a rarefied price range. I also think that when released they will probably have significantly less bugs than Fisker (just like the Volt did) - big companies can afford a full development schedule and have extensive techological expertise

My next car is either i8 or Karma (the latter if Fisker get the bugs cleared out).
The i8 is scheduled to be a 2014 model year car. It is predicted to cost around $150,000 and look very similar to the concept, albeit without the glass doors. Currently, the i8 has scissor doors, ala Lamborghini, but those will probably be scrapped as well. Personally, I think the i8 looks unbelievable and I hope it to be my next car.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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