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These were taken on the day I took delivery. The Deep Ocean color is gorgeous.

As is true with the car in general, pictures don't do it justice. Depending on the light the color varies from bright blue to deep blue to navy to almost grey. In the sunshine the diamond dust really sparkles. Every single person who has spoken to me about the car has commented on the color and the paint.

These were all taken of the same car, with the same camera, on the same day:

Lots more pictures can be found here:
My Fisker Karma Photostream

Please share as many real-world photos of the Deep Ocean paint color. If you need help posting a photo, refer to our photo tutorial.

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This Colour looks great. Hope the have on the geneva show so I can see it in real life.

Have seen silver, shadow and inferno in the flesh. But will try to se earth, black and now Deep ocean in the flesh
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