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Dec 2012 How many miles are on your Karma

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Fisker Buzz Community,

I wanted to know how many miles you have on your Karma. If you can share your MPG along with that it would be appreciated.

David Harris
Fisker Automotive
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7450 miles. 285mpg.
Just shy of 5000 miles, about 170mpg lifetime.

Just over 12000 miles since 1/28/2012. Average MPG: 130.
Around 2200 miles (in 2.3 months), and somewhere between 40 and 45 mpg. (I get near-infinity mpg in local driving, and 20ish on long distance trips, and almost half my mileage is from long distance trips. It's hard to put on a lot of miles when your commute is down the hall...)
Just a tad over 5000 miles and about 150MPG
8200 miles since 3/1/2012, 56mpg (They won't let me charge at work so I have to use the ICE almost every day).
1187 miles driven. Average miles per gallon is around 180 MPG and that number gets higher every time I drive the Karma. LOVE IT!
8000 miles in 11 months. 48 mpg.

I only charge at home, so on days I drive more than 35 miles I use the ICE.
10 months, 5800 miles, 210 mpg so far...
3200, 11 months
5800, 93mpg, very carefully tracked with the spreadsheet, and receipts... Would be over 100mpg if I could actually get 50 miles of range :)
I've had mine 10 months now and have 10,700 miles on the car with little issue and usually averaging over 70mpg.
62 MPG and 1545 miles since 12/1/12. Just installed 220v charger Saturday, so I expect significant increase. Now charging in 5 hours instead of 17 hours on 110v.
17.000 miles 170 MPG
5,800 miles 223 mpg
1 - 20 of 49 Posts
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