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So far we only have a Volt, but a Fisker is also in the future.

Recently all the lights went out on our Voltec SPX 240V LEvel II charger -- the one that sells for about $490-500 and is recommended by General Motors for the Volt.

The portable charger that comes with the Volt wouldn't charge the car either. The dealer had to replace what they called "the charger" in the car, but our electrican found that both hard wired fuses in the SPX were shot too. WE must have been hit by a power surge or something that fried the SPX and the Volt.

It's absurd that the SPX does not have replaceable fuses and that it does not seem to protect the vehicle.

So, has anyone got any recommendations on surge protection for the SPX and the car itself? Anyone else had a similar problem?

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