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De Telegraff nominates Fisker Karma for several awards

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Vote Fisker! Autovisie is the most prominent auto enthusiast publication in Holland. Editors have nominated the Karma in three categories: De meest innovatieve auto (The most innovative car); Productie-auto met beste design (Production car with best design); and Ik kan niet wachten op... (I cannot wait).

Currently the Karma is not winning any of the polls!
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Yes, do vote! I am a subscriber of Autovisie and was last week pleasantely surprised to see that the editors nominated the Fisker Karma in three categories. They usually aren't very 'green-minded'.

The translation of the three categories is:

- De meest innovatieve auto = The most innovative car
- Productie-auto met beste design = Production car with best design
- Ik kan niet wachten op... = I can't wait for/till...
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