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Dave_Car_Guy said:
Sharp eye, Dennis. To be accurate, when asked about the change, I never specifically said I "welcomed" it. What I actually said was this:

"I think Henrik Fisker has done a masterful job at launching one of the first new car companies in America in half a century - it is truly an amazing accomplishment. I believe Henrik's leadership in design will continue to be at the core of everything Fisker Automotive does. I can only assume the Company's Board believes, at this point in the Company's growth, that a veteran auto executive like Mr. LaSorda is going to add to the Company's capability as its CEO. They have an amazing team at Fisker, and I'm sure Mr. LaSorda is going to continue to harness all that talent toward making world-class automobiles."
Reporters never seem to get quotes right.

Last time I made it on to local TV-news (which was in fact about the Karma!) I said a whole lot of stuff about things like energy independence, and got clipped down to just a few seconds, where I had mentioned Fisker having designed several of the Bond-movie cars, and saying that (in terms of looks / cool-factor) "this is a James Bond car".
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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