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I consider the ELR with the voltec powertrain to be a direct competitor to the Atlantic (and in the running for my next car).

It will be interesting to see how they modify the voltec powertrain (2.0) to work in an ELR.

In the past couple month or so I've taken more trips in my Volt than I ever have. Last weekend took another to visit my oldest son.

I am quite happy with the gas only mileage actually. I got > 42 MPG last weekend driving 70 MPH! I reset my Trip B Odo 0.9 miles after the gas generator/engine turned on as these two photos prove.

These are the same trip but different views.
See 288 miles on gas (38 miles on battery):

70 MPH & 42+MPG - see 287 miles on gas (so does not include battery miles) - reset 0.9 miles after ICE started:
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