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As delivery of the first customer Karmas approaches, Fisker Buzz continues to grow considerably and there has been a commensurate increase in attention from Fisker dealers and other vendors as well. In order to maintain a balanced forum, commercial interests need to be regulated properly.

Unless you are a sponsor, Fisker Buzz prohibits commercial posts to the forums or its members.

What is commercial solicitation? For example...

If you post We/our/my company has... - you are selling something.
If you post We/our/my product is... - you are selling something.
If you post We/our/my customers'... - you are selling something.
If you post We/our/my will be announcing... - you are selling something.
If you post We/our/my test results for our... - you are selling something.
If you post We/our/my can make or supply that... - you are selling something.

If you/your company/product would like to have your unaffiliated/unbiased customers talk about your product/dealer - they are more than welcome to do so. However, as a commercial vendor with a sales intent - you are not.

Further, you are more then welcome to participate simply as an individual enthusiast - BUT NOT as a vendor/sales agent with a sales agenda. As well - a "Fisker Buzz Member" does not broker you being a "Fisker Buzz Sponsor" and acting as such, no more than being a member of a car club entitles you to receive a free commercial full-page color advertisement in their monthly publication.

Finally, if you would like to become a forum sponsor, please send an email to [email protected] to learn more about our sponsorship rates and privileges.

Your business will be listed as a FiskerBuzz sponsor with opportunities to add a rotational banner and more.

Until you become a paid Sponsor, please understand your "advertisements" will be either edited or deleted, as it's neither "fair" to those who support this site - nor "us", the Fisker Buzz community.

We appreciate your understanding.
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