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Possibly purchasing a Fisker tomorrow but these codes came up. Should I be concerned?
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Hi Travis,

To be honest - For a Fisker that's not many fault codes. Half of the time the car throws codes that are useless and normal.

To buy a Fisker Karma its totally up to you. It will be the best investment you EVer make.

They are a dream to own, dream to drive. No other car on the market today can deliver what a Fisker does for your inner soul.

All cars are made of nuts and bolts. So you can fix anything. Never be shy on a Karma.

Pull the trigger.......before someone else does.

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HI Travis,

Dido on Tigga's comments. I have had my Karma since 11 years and still have people telling me ow beautiful the car is. I am aware of my car having 3 codes, one same as yours (U0293) and my car is running fine.

All the best. Alex
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