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They get a few facts wrong:

- They cite the Tesla Model S range as 300 Mi but cite the Karma's electric range as only 33 Mi. We all know, of course that the ideal (laboratory) range of the Karma is 50 Mi, as the ideal range of the highest-level Model S is 300 Mi. The typical-use range of the Karma is consistently around 40-43 Mi.

- They list the gas mileage of the Karma as 20 city/21 highway on gasoline; I see significantly better mileage than that on gas but more importantly, the whole thought of listing the Karma's gasoline-only mileage is misleading because unless you don't have power, all Karma owners will enjoy at least some fraction of their commute gasoline-free. In my case, over the lifetime of the car I've driven about 1,000 miles and consumed only 3.3 gallons of gas, for an average of 300 miles/gallon. It seems like the typical members of this forum range from ~100 mpg to ~400 mpg.

The other main points of the video-- that interior space is compromised by the battery placement and that fuel economy is compromised by performance are fair, and well-known.
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