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CIU Water Intrusion - Fix? - Got a Wet CIU? Hung Fisker Logo?

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Do you have a wet CIU?

Did you get caught in the rain - Fisker Logo freezing up?

The attached PDF is a pretty good instruction on help fixing the water intrusion.

Any information is great information.


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Be careful following only this as it does not solve the problem by itself. It is only part of a list of mods to perform under the cowl to redirect the water. That sealing they did was a guess and it did prevent a rush of water from entering the cabin filter housing, the issue is a porous open cell foam seal they used under that housing is not a Waterproof seal, it's an airtight seal used for HVAC ducts. So water can seep in to the cavity no matter what. And you can NEVER get the sealer under the windshield to the top of the housing. Tried everything. You would need to pull the windshield.
But this bulletin does give you a general idea of the issue when they first found it was happening.
Fisker Philly is correct - that "Draft" is only a guide to help and understand the issue.

I would recommend never use a water hose to test after.
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