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Citroen unveils large stylish plug-in hybrid EV concept

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Plugin hybrid with a 226hp engine producing 275Nm torque mated to a 70hp electric motor. Apparently the concept weighs just 3300 lb.

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Not the back, wheels, side, but the front is horrible... nice station wagon but specs aren't great... 70hp electric motor? must be more of a Volt or Prius than a Karma....
My first impression is WOW... But it's the front and back that are nice, the center feels like just a long sheet of metal.
The styling is impressive, and I have always liked Citroens's ride comfort and handling, plus they are usually stuffed with cool gadgets. Not sure about the power, sounds more like a parallel hybrid where the ICE and Electric Motor have to work at the same time (e.g., Prius) rather than a serial hybrid like the Volt/Ampera and the Fisker.
Here is a slightly more detailed description from our friends at Top Gear. This actually makes a little more sense.

Underneath the 1500kg shell, there's full plug-in full-hybrid tech, which Citroen thinks will esteem to 166mpg, 50km all-electric range, 295hp, and 39g/km of CO2. There's also a deliciously Turbo Outrun-sounding ‘boost' function, which combines the power of the combustion engine and electric motor, dispatching all 295 horsepowers at once. This means 0-62mph takes 5.4 seconds and it'll travel a 1,000m in 25.3 seconds from a standing start.

The drivetrain mashes a normal FWD combustion engine together with an electric motor - rechargeable in 3.5 hours, fact fans - on the rear axle that develops 70hp and 200 torques. If the car reckons you're prodding the edge of adhesion, it switches itself to four-wheel-drive mode, which you can also summon manually. Which sounds useful.
Fabulist said:
a serial hybrid like the Volt/Ampera and the Fisker.

Fisker is a series hybrid. Not Volt. Volt does not want to drive the battery hard (gets too hot and not good for LG Chem battery) and have a fancy planetary gearing system to bring in ICE assist in high speed and certain power demanding modes. Here are good Youtube on the Volt Powertrain deep dive.

So far, only Karma has the battery to do pure EV mode to 95 mph! Obviously, Leaf is much slower.

To appreciate the A123 battery, have a look at the competition's.
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